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Why were we recently named ‘The Future of Collaboration’ by Fortune Magazine?

At Translator we are changing the way people think about Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and that caught the attention of the team at Fortune Magazine. So much, they featured us as part of the May 2017 in-print cover story ‘The 41 Companies Creating Tomorrow Today’. We were thrilled to share our story with them and hope you enjoy it too! Keep on scrolling to the bottom to learn more about Translator and to read the article…


Create a culture where all employees can thrive

Translator is a technology-driven Diversity & Inclusion training company. We can make your business more authentic and empathetic through a portfolio of scalable, subscription-based content that positively influences employee attitudes and behaviors over time.

Our story-driven exercises, virtual experiences, and in-person trainings are developed by industry experts and are based on decades of proven training materials.

Translator drives measurable business benefits across organizations by:

  1. Increasing employee engagement and productivity
  2. Helping attract competitive talent and boosting retention
  3. Reinforcing strategic values and cultural messaging

Our mission for a better world

We are a unique and passionate team of industry experts with a personal investment in building a more open & accepting world. It’s easy to get started with our program, which is designed to scale over time:


Speaker Series  |  IN-PERSON & WEB WORKSHOPS

Our diverse bureau of Translators will share their personal stories to help your employees see their own potential for authenticity and empathy. We can empower your team in-person or via webinar on a broad range of topics from gender to race, religion, disabilities, the generation gap, and everything in-between including micro-aggressions, unconscious bias, and intersectionality.



Using the latest virtual reality (VR) technologies, we bring to life the stories that matter most to your company. These completely customized, immersive experiences include interactive games and cinematic first person simulations that help users step into new perspectives and apply what they’re learning in real-time, ensuring maximum retention and concept mastery.



When complete, our scalable, subscription-based app will be able to efficiently deliver and reinforce engaging D&I content in bite size modules over time, from games and exercises to podcasts and virtual reality experiences. Real-time user data and analytics will help management track and measure employee engagement in all new ways.

The big, growing problem

It’s become harder to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. But more than ever before, companies need a diverse workplace to survive. It’s important to build a strong and positive company culture in order to engage employees and create a place where everyone can thrive—and Translator can help.

Disengaged employees are costing the U.S. economy more than $550B per year. Corporate employee engagement is also facing new threats due to a rapidly changing technology, media, and political landscape.

What makes employees thrive

People want to work in inclusive and open companies—67% of job seekers say it is important that the companies they’re considering have a diverse workforce. (Glassdoor)

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202% and highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies compared to disengaged employees. (Gallup)

Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, and that goes up to 35% for ethnically diverse companies. (McKinsey & Company)

Delivering Empathy as a Service™

Organizations are asking themselves—how can we make our company a place where everyone feels comfortable being themselves? How do we foster an environment where people love coming to work every day? The answer is Empathy as a Service. Translator’s guided digital journeys increase productivity and foster a more connected workplace.


We get it, because we've lived it

We’re here to help you learn about topics such as microaggressions, unconscious bias, and intersectionality. Why? We’ve all experienced first hand what it’s like to not be accepted because of who we are. We understand these issues because we’ve lived them in our own lives.


Women in the workplace

Understand and navigate the issues and discrimination that women face on the job.

Race in the workplace

Gain insight into race relations in and out of the workplace.


Generation Gap

Connect employees of all generations and help them understand one another.


Gender Awareness & Transgender 

Get to know various expressed genders and the social climate for transgender employees.


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